Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's December

Ya! It is Dec again. Mean it is the end of the year,and CHRISTMAS is coming soon.WAHAHAHAHA. It's time for us to see through what we have done in this year, Conclusion : NOTHING GOOD! I was wondering about my hairstyle..should I make it bold? x(

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sharing HATES

Hi! This few days, I was thinking about Hates. As you know, everyone has their own Like n Hate. I do hate, or should I say Everybody does when that you were texting with a person that just love to IGNORE you or somehow make COLD reply. Don't u hate it? I do, cause i'm a human with a heart. Why the F make the person do that? Sometimes I wish i could do the same as REVENGE, but I am too SOFT-HEARTED to do that. So please! If u are same as the PERSON, PLEASE DON'T. You might hurt somebody without knowing.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

To Ashley : )

Just a draw by me,nothing interesting.HAHA

To Jim

Graffiti to Jim.Obviously we know that he only use Dragon Knight(DK) in DotA. HAHAHA

From Ss Yih

She said she was KIND I admit,but if she said she was UN-rude( I wont agree) HAHA

To Ener bro

Haha a Graffiti draw by Me Look stupid.

Draw from my sha bro ( Ener)

Again she send me another graffiti -.- AHAHAHA so early!

To Ss Yih ( a bad girl )

Saturday, November 13, 2010

From Brother Ener (Graffiti)

Sot bro(Ener) send this to my wall

Starting of Bloging : )

I was blur before,but now,I AM STILL BLUR. I will try learning how to blogs, and i wont stop without Doubt ^^