Sunday, March 20, 2011

Holiday Over

Aaaaa.....Holiday is going to end soon
All i had done in this holiday is
Stay home play games
Watch Tv shows
Go out with friends few times
Day Dreaming at home

Bla bla...

I can sure most ppl done the same stuff i did

Last Friday morning, Jim fetch me and
we went for our breakfast
Ming Pao and Ee Ning
is also with us.

A cockroach fall from the Ceiling
and it hits Ming Pao
I am watching it climb
and never had a thought that it would jump.
But! Ming Pao reaction is like
scratching his back and but not screaming.

Then that night, 4 of us when to Krokop 5 Cyber Cafe.
Can't believe Ee ning knew how to play' Call of Duty4 '
She PAWN me just like squeezing a bug!
I will get my revenge her back next time.
Ming Pao keep on getting numb 1 rank!
We are making so much noise while playing.

It was fun (:

I would like to have our NEXT TIME xD

Sunday, March 13, 2011

12th March


Test Over !
School Out !

Hanging out with Susu~ Lala~ Li hui~
Too bad,Jim didn't attend. Doggy went for physic tuition!

First stop
Secret recipe
(with lala,lihui)
Stupid Lala go order this "Macchiato" coffee that cost Rm6.
Try to drink once, u will regret for life!
then susu join us when we met at Popular book store


Then we met THEM!
It's Macos's (Person full of weird questions) Birthday, but i can't help him celebrate. TOO BAD! Busy after 4. At least i get to wish him "happy birthday".

tick tock tick tock..the pointer reached 3.50
Going Back :(

Fun times just passed like flowing or river!
Nevermind ! i still have 1 week holidays.
Waiting for another outing!
My Hols

Monday, March 7, 2011

Choir ♥ 6 March

Sing with others, Find the difference !

Don't waste what God gave u~