Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's been so long since I posted my last page
forgive me for being so lazy ; )
I had had my head full of idea but I just don't have the TIME!!
Alright, let start this page with my...

July 23rd
My sejarah textbook hae been left untouched for almost 1 month
It's so tiring when I opened up the sejarah textbook
I will close it up within seconds like clapping my hands
But, today is totally different
I can't believe I actually spend two and a half hours with it at pustaka
I can barely remember most of my study :)
*Blessed by my lord god*
After the study about 3.45pm
my tummy recall that I need some food
No worries! There is a nearby stall with rolls of Chicken Butt waiting for me xD
That night I ate lots of oily food at Miri's night market
Thinking of that, I think I had gain a lot of fats ;(
So I went to the gym the on sunday to consume the fats that I gain with bro, Jim and Alvin
Yeah~ I feel Strength, but I don't think I removed all the extra fats!

Ops! I think I should change my topic to July 23rd-24th
But I am lazy to do that so please don mind ;D

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 1st post

July arrived!
Malaysia worst protest "709" passed
Lily's return 12/7 then come up with Barry's return 13/7
In the same time Dad's birthday lay on 13/7 too..
*Skip the boring concert*

I'm just trying to show u what is going around in my life :)

Not to lie, I was really really really
SO SO SO very very very excited when I know Lily and Barry is coming back
I actually stayed up late at night just to wait for their return

For the reason why: 1. I waited quite long just to "FRIED" Barry
when he played Bball with me
2. And for my sister, I just wish she bought
some nice stuff or food for me
* Grim Me * Wahahahaha

At the moment when I saw them
It's like NOTHING actually changed at all -_-
New hairstyle or gain/lost weights was the only differences
But I really did miss them

Check this out
Chef Barry
*I took it without him noticing*

Vegetarian Lily
Diet for her

Memories of old time
Small me xD

Old Time~