Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's been so long since I posted my last page
forgive me for being so lazy ; )
I had had my head full of idea but I just don't have the TIME!!
Alright, let start this page with my...

July 23rd
My sejarah textbook hae been left untouched for almost 1 month
It's so tiring when I opened up the sejarah textbook
I will close it up within seconds like clapping my hands
But, today is totally different
I can't believe I actually spend two and a half hours with it at pustaka
I can barely remember most of my study :)
*Blessed by my lord god*
After the study about 3.45pm
my tummy recall that I need some food
No worries! There is a nearby stall with rolls of Chicken Butt waiting for me xD
That night I ate lots of oily food at Miri's night market
Thinking of that, I think I had gain a lot of fats ;(
So I went to the gym the on sunday to consume the fats that I gain with bro, Jim and Alvin
Yeah~ I feel Strength, but I don't think I removed all the extra fats!

Ops! I think I should change my topic to July 23rd-24th
But I am lazy to do that so please don mind ;D

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 1st post

July arrived!
Malaysia worst protest "709" passed
Lily's return 12/7 then come up with Barry's return 13/7
In the same time Dad's birthday lay on 13/7 too..
*Skip the boring concert*

I'm just trying to show u what is going around in my life :)

Not to lie, I was really really really
SO SO SO very very very excited when I know Lily and Barry is coming back
I actually stayed up late at night just to wait for their return

For the reason why: 1. I waited quite long just to "FRIED" Barry
when he played Bball with me
2. And for my sister, I just wish she bought
some nice stuff or food for me
* Grim Me * Wahahahaha

At the moment when I saw them
It's like NOTHING actually changed at all -_-
New hairstyle or gain/lost weights was the only differences
But I really did miss them

Check this out
Chef Barry
*I took it without him noticing*

Vegetarian Lily
Diet for her

Memories of old time
Small me xD

Old Time~

Thursday, June 16, 2011


What's wrong?
What should I do?
What's the best choice?
Why is thing going this way?

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Hey there! I mean u! Ya u the one who is reading this.

How is you day?
probably this is a question u can't reply xD
Just get freaked up sitting at home the whole noon doing nothing.
So then I decided to wrote this.

WARNING: No bad feeling after reading = )

Done only 1 or 2
1 Quit this page
2 Continue reading EVERY SINGLE WORDS till the end
3 No 3rd choice
Let get to the point

On this very very very boring afternoon.
I was watching a movie called...
I don actually remember the name,Sorry
I know u will forgive me =)
Let's skip the movie
Suddenly I don feel like talking about it anymore.
After watching that movie
I open up my facebook account
by keying in my Id,Password
than I start playing My Shop.
by clicking on the Icon
I don really know what is the meaning playing this lame game.
But still I played
maybe is cause I am too bored, maybe not.
maybe I just played so that i could blog about it here.
I don really gt the reason why.
At last I left my facebook aside and signed in my BLOG!
U don need to know how I signed
I know u know I know u know I know u know I know u know I know u know I know u know I know u know I know u know I know u know I know
u know how to open.
Hey did u read all the "IknowUknow.."?
can't believe u are still reading this!
Can u stop the reading?
Nah! U can't cause the top said u only can do either 1 or 2

Anyway,what makes u read this page?
Isit me that makes u?
Isit my page look nice?
Isit someone forced u?
you are just bored same as I was?

Pls leave ur comments at my chat list
U will get into trouble if u dont!

Lame Day!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cleaning the SpiderWebs

对!没错,我现在做的就是Cleaning Blog

今天24th May是那个本小姐上本小姐下(ChongHuiYih)的生日
那里懂!! 它们都让我失望
一个闹钟因为昨晚没看清楚am pm放错了
又慢醒了 -0-

那里知道哪两个慧也在 xD
说真的,当时我也有点紧张因为我不懂该怎样给hy那个蛋糕 : S

蛋糕我也没try过 也不知是否可以吃
只希望她会喜欢 = )



Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's day

You are passing too quick and I can't follow up your step.
Just a few winks, half year almost passed!
Oh please! Why move so quick?

2nd week of May

Planing to make my parents a breakfast.
I set my alarm at 4.00 cause I am afraid I wont make it in time.
The alarm snoozed almost 3 or 4 until I closed it.
I woke up about 4.30 am
The first thing I did is rushing down the stairs to the kitchen and boil the water.
That time, my sight was so blur I nearly miss my step walking down the stairs. xo
Then I was going to take some bread and make sandwich.
BUT! I forgot that the bread had been eaten by my dad the day before.
This worries me.
I was scratching my hair asking myself what to do.
Then! I found some eggs.
I rmb that Barry(my bro) taugh me how to make juicy boil egg.
This give me an idea.
Soon, I boiled eggs for about 5min and put them into the cold water.
(this make the egg white maintain his solid state and soften the core)
At last, I serve them breakfast of eggs with a cup of hot coffee!
Its a simple 'to do' for my parent
I wish they love it :x

That all I did on that morning..

Love u all
mom and dad


Happy Mother day!
for my mom

Thursday, May 5, 2011


1st Of May

About 12pm after worship
I went to the Band Charity sell at Miri Lastest Mall


When I arrived at the charity sell
I was like,
"Where the HELL is the charity sell?"
My mom used her hawk eye
and she discovered that it was located
at the leftside of the mall.
I took out my Rm20 Coupon
thinking that I might be able to buy some food
and fill my tummy.
But! That really make me feel disappointed.
There were only
1 foods store 1 fruits store 1 drinks store.
Then I saw Puan Soh selling at the food store
she keeps on mentioning that the food was from "ParkCity"
"ParkCity" SO?
If she told me it's from "GrandPalace"
maybe I would love it.
But I had no choice but to buy it.
Cause I don really know whr else can i spend the coupon on.
This really is the worst Charity Sell I ever been.

On that windy evening,
I received a call from ahkam.
He was talking all about "going to the court".
So i guess he was going.
I pack up all my stuff and when straight to the court.
Who knows, he was not even there.
Then I went back after a few match.

When I reach home
Its about 6.30pm
And again..
I was late for another event.
Ahbi is going to celebrate his 17th birthday on that night.
When I reached Bi house.
Everyone were doing their own stuff.
1 gang watch Football.
1 gang gossiping outside.
Then Bi asked me to have as much food as I wanted.

"The progress was too long to be mention"

Here is some pictures
sososo many people
This is all the Boys

And here is the Girls
God Bless U

That all I can say.