Friday, February 11, 2011

New Year in SABAH

1st Stop In Sabah

Sitting in the car travel from Brunei to Sabah , and my ass had made a good friend with the chair and turned STRAIGHT FLAT. Than we finally reached!Checking in at the lobby of the apartment.(TIRED /.\)

Went Swimming after a rest

Even knew we can't swim, we learned to xD we spend two day shopping around in KK's Mall.

3rd Day! Exciting day!

My Cousins and I was boarding a boat to the PULAU SAPI!

Adventure on SAPI Island

Preparing for Snorkeling~I was so Excited! ^^

~Photo Of the Familys~

The Vegi Garden on Kundasan highland! The place whr I am staying for 2 night on Mount.Kinabalu

It was Cold up there ><

Having Bbq foods for the First night as dinner~

Casino? Wooden House?

The morning after we arrived there.

Its A WOW!! when I saw the Damn Big Mount Kinabalu appear just right in front of the front door. I just notice that the mount is so near and i didn't saw it the day before. I was drinking coffee and taking pic with my uncle"Gu Zang" :D

When to the Kinabalu National Park that morning.

My uncle"ah ba" and I. The gate to the top is close made me felt so disappointed. To save the oil, we choose to walk all the way back to the car.(2km!) I was using Slipper /.\

DESA Milk Factory / Cow farm

Last day Shopping in KK.

Sad! :(

Famous Egg tart in KK

Damn NICE!

Hotel lobby at Berringis Beach Resort

The next morning before I went back.

Play boat!

Raiding the pool!

All the small kid ran out of the pool when we slide down xD WAHAHAHA so fun!

Here! A Wishing lantern for u :)

Wish u had a good Year. Happy Bunny Year!

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  1. Glad to hear you're having fun in Sabah.
    BTW, you got the kundasang name spelt a little bit wrong.