Thursday, May 5, 2011


1st Of May

About 12pm after worship
I went to the Band Charity sell at Miri Lastest Mall


When I arrived at the charity sell
I was like,
"Where the HELL is the charity sell?"
My mom used her hawk eye
and she discovered that it was located
at the leftside of the mall.
I took out my Rm20 Coupon
thinking that I might be able to buy some food
and fill my tummy.
But! That really make me feel disappointed.
There were only
1 foods store 1 fruits store 1 drinks store.
Then I saw Puan Soh selling at the food store
she keeps on mentioning that the food was from "ParkCity"
"ParkCity" SO?
If she told me it's from "GrandPalace"
maybe I would love it.
But I had no choice but to buy it.
Cause I don really know whr else can i spend the coupon on.
This really is the worst Charity Sell I ever been.

On that windy evening,
I received a call from ahkam.
He was talking all about "going to the court".
So i guess he was going.
I pack up all my stuff and when straight to the court.
Who knows, he was not even there.
Then I went back after a few match.

When I reach home
Its about 6.30pm
And again..
I was late for another event.
Ahbi is going to celebrate his 17th birthday on that night.
When I reached Bi house.
Everyone were doing their own stuff.
1 gang watch Football.
1 gang gossiping outside.
Then Bi asked me to have as much food as I wanted.

"The progress was too long to be mention"

Here is some pictures
sososo many people
This is all the Boys

And here is the Girls
God Bless U

That all I can say.

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