Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's day

You are passing too quick and I can't follow up your step.
Just a few winks, half year almost passed!
Oh please! Why move so quick?

2nd week of May

Planing to make my parents a breakfast.
I set my alarm at 4.00 cause I am afraid I wont make it in time.
The alarm snoozed almost 3 or 4 until I closed it.
I woke up about 4.30 am
The first thing I did is rushing down the stairs to the kitchen and boil the water.
That time, my sight was so blur I nearly miss my step walking down the stairs. xo
Then I was going to take some bread and make sandwich.
BUT! I forgot that the bread had been eaten by my dad the day before.
This worries me.
I was scratching my hair asking myself what to do.
Then! I found some eggs.
I rmb that Barry(my bro) taugh me how to make juicy boil egg.
This give me an idea.
Soon, I boiled eggs for about 5min and put them into the cold water.
(this make the egg white maintain his solid state and soften the core)
At last, I serve them breakfast of eggs with a cup of hot coffee!
Its a simple 'to do' for my parent
I wish they love it :x

That all I did on that morning..

Love u all
mom and dad


Happy Mother day!
for my mom

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